Elis Bradshaw


Find your strength.

Minneapolis-based Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Muay Thai Instructor


I spent many years at odds with my body, believing that fitness was out of reach for me. That changed when a friend invited me on a bicycle ride that truly changed my life. Within six years I was a full-fledged competitor, racing against national and world champions, performing in ways I never knew were possible. After two decades of being a self-proclaimed bookworm, I found my path to fitness, and haven’t looked back since.

I hardly moved my body at all for the first twenty years of my life, and once I started I never wanted to stop. The process of becoming an athlete had such a profoundly positive impact on my relationship with myself and with the world that I felt called to share my experience and help others expand their capabilities. I understand the challenges adults face in starting and sticking with a fitness practice, because I’ve been there. I would love the opportunity to help you shape your own relationship with fitness in the same way.

I have ten years of experience training, mentoring, and teaching people in group, individual, sport-specific, and general fitness environments.

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist; Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach; National Exercise and Sport Trainers Association Muay Thai Fitness Instructor; and Superfit Hero sponsored trainer, my training style is accessible to clients of all levels, from those just beginning their fitness journeys to competitive athletes. I incorporate a variety of modalities into individualized workouts that align and strengthen your body to support both health and performance. In particular, I love the flexibility and simplicity of kettlebells, bands, and bodyweight movements; our bodies are naturally equipped with many of the tools we need to thrive, and I prefer to take advantage of them whenever I can.

Every day we are presented with nearly endless opportunities to hate our bodies, and very few chances to embrace it. Taking time to work out should be gift that you give yourself, not punishment for perceived slights. You deserve to be friends with your body. Let’s get started; contact me to set up a free 30-minute telephone consultation.


Fitness is not defined by any single moment in time; it is the product of regular, consistent actions that lead to long-term change. As a trainer, I focus on the consistent practice of healthy habits that help my clients create sustainable, long-lasting change in their bodies, minds, and confidence.

I believe that:
Fitness is possible for everybody and every body. Consistent practice of healthy habits leads to long-term success.Fitness and health are necessities, not luxuries.You are worth the time and effort that you invest into fitness.There are no shortcuts; gradual, steady change is the key to sustainable results. Fitness has as much to do with your internal state as external; when you commit to the process, results will follow.Our bodies are our best friends, comrades, and companions, not our enemies.Self-love and acceptance are key aspects of fitness.When you commit to a process, the results will take care of themselves.The perfect time to get started does not exist; there will always be something standing in the way. The decisions you make about your health and fitness deserve to be among your highest priorities.The best place to start from is exactly where you are right now.


There is no magic bullet. In order to create change, we must invest both time and effort. Because your success is my success, I choose to reward clients who are serious about their results by offering discounted rates to clients who commit to training for the long run. I offer a sliding scale for people with limited incomes. Please contact me directly to discuss these discounts.

I offer both remote and in-person one-on-one, partner, and small group training sessions. Remote sessions occur on Hangouts, Skype, and similar video calling services. Remote workouts will incorporate whatever equipment you have available to you at your location (including no equipment, if that's what you have!).

In-person sessions take place at Los Campeones Gym at 2746 Blaisdell Avenue, Minneapolis Minnesota and utilize the wide range of equipment available at the facility. Depending on the location and time, I am sometimes able to accommodate training at your home or at an outdoor location of your choosing.

Invest in yourself.

2020 Training Rates:

One hour session base rate: $70/session

I offer a free 30-minute telephone or in person consultation. Please call, text, or email me to schedule.

Mobile: (510) 847-8531
Email: [email protected]


Kaitlin M

After several years of being almost completely sedentary, I bit the bullet and decided to get my first-ever gym membership. I was intimidated by the gym and embarrassed by how out of shape I had become. I was pretty sure I hated exercise and would never feel comfortable in the weight room.

Enter Elis. I cannot say enough good things about Elis. It’s such a privilege to work with someone who is so capable and passionate about what they do. She really knows her stuff, and relies on a methodical, evidence-based approach to fitness. She's always up for a challenge, whether it's working around an injury or putting together workout plan with zero equipment.

She keeps our workouts fun and interesting (something I never thought I’d say about exercise). Her positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

She's a great coach and teacher. She listens carefully and helps you set goals and make a plan that make sense for your life.

We've only been training together for 6 months, and I'm healthier, more confident and stronger than I've ever been. I can't recommend her enough.

Kelly M:

"I have had the privilege of working with Elis since 2017. Elis is a wonderful trainer, teacher and all around amazing person. She is passionate about heath and fitness, and her enthusiasm is contagious!

I started training with Elis a few months after giving birth to my second child. At the time, I was still recovering and barely had the strength to lift my baby out of his crib. Elis sat down with me and really listened to what I wanted to achieve. She helped me set reachable goals and developed a training plan that was perfect for me. Elis keeps my routines interesting and challenging, and I look forward to them every week. Today I am stronger, healthier, and more confident that I have ever been thanks to her guidance and support!"

Kathy B:

"One minute you're healthy, and the next you wake up in a hospital with people trying to explain to you what happened. Three years later, I was recovering from a heart transplant and a host of complications. The physical therapy allotted by insurance was only enough to help me back to a functional level. When energy levels allowed, I approached the YMCA with the goal of intelligently rehabbing but with the challenge that the trainer couldn't be just anyone. It had to be someone who could intuitively and expertly match my current abilities and slowly bring the fitness level up without jeopardizing my overall recovery. Elis has done exactly that!

The training provided by Elis has been absolutely worth it! She has clearly done her research, is always ready to make adjustments, and has systematically worked muscle groups from top to toe - both large and small. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she's always provided a challenge without putting me at risk for injury or setback.

I didn't really realize what I was physically capable of until it was taken away. Now as Elis helps me gain it back, it's with absolute joy when I recognize a new level of recovery, i.e. climbing stairs without pulling on the hand rail, getting up and down off the floor, doing a push up...I'm not exactly ready for American Ninja Warrior, but give Elis and I a little more time to work on it and we'll get there!"

Melissa K:

"Elis is a fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. I appreciate that she always has a plan for my workout sessions and regularly challenges me to improve my strength and fitness. And I've been experiencing results under her guidance. Her coaching style is direct, helpful and motivational. I highly recommend her services."

Alexis L:

"Elis is a first-class trainer. She put a lot of care into customizing a fitness program that worked for me, and had the right balance of kindness and motivation to keep me on track. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Melanie D:

"Elis is a fabulous trainer. She is very thoughtful about her training plan, and really knows her stuff about how bodies work. She puts a high emphasis on working within the constraints of my actual life (like finding exercises that I can do in short bursts while my 16 month old takes a nap, or is engaged in a quick activity). She's really body positive, and respectfully pushes when I need to be pushed outside my comfort zone."